Friday, August 21, 2015

Need Some Support?

Almost everyone needs emotional support, but unfortunately some may not have anyone in their lives, or they may have people who are invalidating and unsupportive. If that's the case for you then please take a look at some of the wonderful sites below that can help you out. No matter what you're going through, whether it's a small issue or a huge life changing problem, it's important and don't let anyone tell you that it somehow isn't just because there's people who may have it worse than you. There's no need to feel any guilt for needing support, and there's lots of amazing online sites that can give you just that! Here are a few:

7 Cups of Tea

I'm actually a listener on this site to help those in need, and I think this is one of the best sites out there. You can easily create a member account (or chat as a guest) and be able to connect to a listener and have an online chat with them about whatever you're struggling with. Even if you're just feeling lonely, there will be someone online at all times to talk to you. None of the listeners are paid, they do this for free and most of them are very professional and compassionate. The listeners are not allowed to provide advice because no one knows what's best for you because they are not you, but listeners can obviously listen and provide helpful suggestions and encouragement.


This is another site similar to 7 Cups of Tea in that it's a chat based website, but one difference is that you can also chat with therapists in addition to volunteers. Chatting with volunteers is free while chatting with a therapist costs $25. You can also join groups on the site and connect with other people who are going through similar struggles. I know that the name might seem a little bit discouraging, but let me assure that that it's anything but blah!


This is a community/subreddit on where people can.... well, get things off their chest. It's right there in the title! All you need to do is sign up for a Reddit account and then click on the 'get something off your chest button' and you'll be able to make a post. People will then be able to comment on your post and give you advice or words of encouragement, or you can go write a comment on someone else's post. It's very convenient and much easier than both 7Cups and BlahTherapy because with this you just have to sign up and post one comment to get everything off your chest, while with the other sites you have to not only register but you have to connect with a listener and have a chat session with them. Do be warned that sometimes people can be rude and unhelpful on this subreddit, but the vast majority of people on r/offmychest are kind. There's also subreddits like r/randomactsofkindness and r/assistance if what you're struggling with is due to financial issues.

I hope these sites are of some help to you. Please be assured that I was not paid even a single cent to talk about these sites. I'm just someone who likes to help out other people! If you do not need help at this moment in time but would like to help other people then please click on these sites. It's really easy to sign up to help others. 7 Cups of Tea is the only one that requires a small test for you to become a listener, but it's not complicated at all.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Some Awesome Freebies Available

Take a look at these amazing freebies that you can get. Don't miss out!

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As always, these freebies are only available for a limited time, so check them out while you can.

Mental Health & Tragedies

Although I typically post reviews and free samples on my blog, I wanted to take the time out to rant a little bit about something that has been bothering me. Sadly, mental illness is often used as a scapegoat after shootings. The most recent example being Dylann Roof. There is currently no evidence that he had any mental illnesses that caused him to go on a shooting rampage, but rather it was an act of racism. And although it is quite evident that he was a racist, visited white supremacist websites, and even wrote a manifesto, there are still news outlets and commenters who want to go on about how “this is a mental health issue/lock up the crazies/example of why we need to keep guns away from the mentally ill.” It seems like a good portion of people want a group to blame whenever something bad happens. This was an act of hate and bigotry, and it and has nothing to do with mental health. Although severe mental illnesses can sometimes lead to violent acts like murder, the vast majority of mentally ill people are not evil murderers who need to be kept away from guns or locked up, and mental illness should not be used an excuse EVERY SINGLE TIME someone goes on a shooting spree. There are various other reasons as to why one could go on a shooting spree; hate being one of them.  When mental illness is used as an excuse every time something like this happens, it leads to further stigma and discrimination against the mentally ill, and it solves nothing except playing a blame game. Pointing fingers also causes people to fear the mentally ill, even though that’s unnecessary. Here are some statistics:

“Research has shown that the vast majority of people who are violent do not suffer from mental illnesses (American Psychiatric Association)”

“Only 3%-5% of violent acts can be attributed to individuals living with a serious mental illness. (”

“People with psychiatric disabilities are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violent crime (Appleby, et al., 2001). People with severe mental illnesses, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or psychosis, are 2 ½ times more likely to be attacked, raped or mugged than the general population (Hiday, et al.,1999)”

Research any studies regarding mental illness and violence correlation and you’ll typically find the same results; mentally ill people are usually no more violent than the general population. And even for the mentally ill people who do commit murders, it’s usually due to co-occurring substance abuse. Which isn’t surprising, because certain drugs can make even a mentally healthy person become extremely violent. Plus it’s quite likely that even if a mentally ill person did kill someone, it may not be their mental illness that caused them to do it. Some people kill out of hatred, some people kill for money, some people kill for revenge, etc. Even when a person is mentally ill, the blame can’t necessarily go to mental illness until you discover all the factors that may have lead them to commit murder. So it’s incredibly unfair to always use mental illness as a scapegoat and to blame mental illnesses for every tragedy, as if sufferers are incapable of keeping themselves from committing mass acts of destruction. Perhaps some will disagree with me and say that, if you go on a shooting spree, you must have some form of mental illness. But I just don't think it's okay to blame mental illness for everything without looking at all other factors. Rant over.